Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Wonder Girls' "Be My Baby" Contest!

For those not in the know, KPop group "Wonder Girls" are holding a dance contest! All you have to do is learn the dance, do a video and send it in! The prize? Oh, only winning a flight + accommodation to Korea for 4 days, no big deal...right?!

Well. I'm part of a UK Kpop dance group called LoKos, and we are the people behind the KPop dance workshops in London plus the SM Entertainment choreographer's workshop event. It's a fantastic prize so we learned the dance and shot the video - we've now sent it in so fingers crossed!

We danced on the rooftop of a hotel late at night - it was just 2degrees and in the clothes we were wearing it's safe to say that we were bloody freezing! Still, we were determined to perform as best as we could in the conditions we had to deal with and we tried to pump each other up.

I would like to thank Gavin for filming our video and for taking the time to actually film it for us, and thank you to Deanna for teaching it to us! And a massive thank you to Tammy for editing it so quickly.

This is our video, I hope you like it! Please share, rate and comment!

If you wish to know more about the contest, click HERE.

The LOKOs.


Korean Class MASSIVE said...

You can finally get a good rest now, enjoy Christmas day!!

Totally looking forward to your next workshop.

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