Friday, 5 February 2010

Introducing Mr. Jimmy Sims

It's been an exhausting few days. I'm sitting here still in my day clothes and full on make-up at 00:54am and I'm tired as hell. I've just uploaded some pictures and one video so far and though my energy is rapidly draining, I'm determined to do this darn blog before I knock myself out. Or before I pass out, whichever happens to come first.

So today I went to see Jimmy Sims at a gig. Some of you may know him, some of you may be clueless. He's a bass player for the popstar MIKA and has been entertaining hundreds of people who are following him on Twitter. Jimmy seems like a pretty cool guy to me (see "Dr. Breadstein" blog) so I went to see what he was like at a smaller gig with another band.

The gig was held at a pub called "Monkey Chews" in London. Danika and I were finding our way round the pub when I clocked Jimmy and he clocked me. He recognised me straight away and we began talking. Turns out he knew a fair amount about me (where I worked, where I lived...I kid you not! He's stalking me.) and yes ladies, he knows what you've been writing in that special thread! Jimmy took interest in my scrapbook and was kind enough to do a little drawing for me, and I recorded it just for you guys!

This is the very amazing finished product:


Jimmy, being the gentleman that he is, offered to buy Danika and I a drink which I felt really bad about as I always feel guilty when people pay for me, but he was pretty adamant (in a nice way of course!) and so Danika and I got a free drink each. We spent ages talking about a lot of random things, including how the dishwasher steam made it look like Jimmy farted.

Jimmy and I also had our picture (one was with a flash, one was without, hence the difference in lighting...)



Then Jimmy took a picture of me and Danika and tweeted it to the Twittering world. The original picture is very dark, so I edited it as best as I could to make it a bit more visible.



The gigs were running about half an hour late, so instead of being on at 9:30 he ended up being on at about 10pm. They sang 6 songs and I recorded the first two. Ben and his female singer's voices really compliment each other well and the gig was really enjoyable. Especially seeing Jimmy play a tiny Ukelele. I think that's what it was anyway. I'm not very good with instruments.

Braxton Hix - St. Cecile

Braxton Hix - Twisted Game of Love





I had to leave pretty sharpish afterwards to catch my train, so I went to say goodbye to Jimmy who was very grateful for our support, and we had a hug and a kiss goodbye.

Jimmy's an absolute treasure with a kind heart and a wicked sense of humour, I suggest y'all check out his:

And his musician friend Ben Parker, who is also in a movie which comes out next year starring Robert Pattinson (that's what they said, anyway...)


It's now currently 1:40am (It really shouldn't take this long to write a blog) and I quite literally feel like I'm about to fall face flat onto my keyboard. So without further ado, I shall crawl into my bed to avoid having key marks on my face.

Thank you Jimmy for your company and for a lovely night!


The Nozshe said...

What a sweetie! Aw, congratulations. I want to meet the famous Jimmy Sims!

Teegs said...

AWWWW Yay!!!

I'm sooo jealous, I wish I could've been there! I love the drawing too!

Greta said...

cool+cute = Ah-mazin meetup! ^____^

hotdlp said...

We had an awesome night didn't we xD

Weren't they called Braxton Hills or something? Or was that the name Ben gave out when he was saying it wrong lol

Cherol said...

That's so awesome, Caz! Glad you had so much fun :)