Friday, 4 November 2011

SHINee at London Leicester Square Odeon

I've been listening to KPop since 2008. My first SHINee song blasted through my ears in 2009 with "Ring Ding Dong". If you told me that in 2011 I'd see them three times in one year, I'd have laughed in your face and probably tell you to go do one.

But, it happened.

First off was the incredibly amazing SMTown concert in Paris on June 11th, and then SHINee at Abbey Road Studios June 19th. In fact, my videos of SHINee at Abbey Road are still growing by the day and so far I have over 75,000 views altogether.

Then...SHINee came to London to perform for the London Korean Film Festival. The news only came about a week before the concert was due to happen so it sent everyone in the UK into a huge frenzy. Such a huge frenzy in fact, that Shawols crashed the Odeon server and was down for hours, making the SHINee concert more popular than ticket sales for Harry Potter, Odeon said.
And why wouldn't it be more popular? With under 900 seats available, this would make one hell of an intimate concert, practically a once in a lifetime opportunity to see them so close. And my God was I astounded that my friends managed to nab us tickets in Row C!!

The concert started at 4:30pm which is like, the best concert time ever. No super late night with problems with public transport!! I was pleased that they'd perform for an hour...but in all honesty that hour flew by far too quickly and barely felt like it was five minutes.

As we entered the Odeon the atmosphere was buzzing with hundreds of Shawols already starting to fangirl. The auditorium was amazing - the stage was so friggin' CLOSE. I felt so lucky to not only be in the same room, but to be so near as well. And for the third time!!

SHINee came on stage to the sound of deafening screams. And who can blame these girls and boys? They've waited a long time for a Korean concert to happen and lo and behold - we finally got one. SHINee are the first Korean popstars to perform in the UK.

They started off with Ring Ding Dong. I think they may have been a bit nervous during the first couple of numbers because their personalities didn't really come out on stage until they performed their solos. I took several videos of the concert - the best ones being their solos because they all stood still (minus Key) and I got tons of beautiful close ups.
My favourite performances were Jonghyun and Taemin. Jonghyun has a gorgeous voice, and that smile and twinkling eyes of You can tell he just loves being on stage. And those high notes! Sublime! He hits notes higher than me and I'm a girl...
But Taemin really surprised me. I always just considered him as the dancer of the group and not much of a singer because he never gets many solos. But whoa. Boy can sing and he can sing good. But he's also transitioning between boy and man...he's really starting to grow up and he's becoming less "cute boy next door" and more like "handsome young man."

Here are my videos.

Ring Ding Dong

Onew Solo

Jonghyun Solo

Key Solo

Minho Solo

Taemin Solo

SHINee Interview


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Korean Class MASSIVE said...

OMG Your fan cams are AMAZING!!! So close and clear!!! Its like reliving the moment :') We were sat on the other side of the cinema so this is like a nice new perspective :D