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KPop Dance Workshop Review - Kpop Hits 2011

2011 has been an incredible year for KPop activities. SMTown in Paris, working on the London MBC Auditions, being interviewed by KBS and SBS, starting our own KPop Dance Workshops and hosting a masterclass with an SM Entertainment choreographer as the teacher with coverage by YTN...I just want to say I am thankful to each and every one of you who have made these memories even more precious to me. I've had such a fantastic year (we'll ignore the painful beginning) and I couldn't be happier that I've been surrounded by such lovely people throughout it all - I'm very grateful to have your friendships and I hope that, together, we can do much more next year!

Swiftly moving on from that soppy beginning, we hosted our last KPop Dance Workshop for 2011. The theme for this one was - quite fittingly - KPop Hits of 2011 so we asked our fans on Facebook to choose songs to learn the dances from that were released this year. We decided to choose a staggering 9 songs out of what people had chosen (we usually only teach 3!) and rehearsals began.

It's been terribly busy. I recently started a Christmas temp job so on my "days off" I've been getting the train to London to rehearse the dances with my fellow LoKos. I've barely had any rest and am so happy it's Christmas Day tomorrow! But yes - during the run up to the workshop I literally used up all my time for work or dance rehearsals and it was the same for the other members. We're utterly exhausted, so I hope everyone appreciates and understands how much work we put in to our dance lessons for you guys!

I was so surprised to see so many people turn up to our workshop. Usually we only have between 8-11 people but this time we had an amazing - I think - 23 people! Ranging from 14 to their early 30's. Incredible! Our profile really shot up since we started promoting the Baek Koo Young workshop but I don't think I really expected our normal workshops to become that popular. Thank you so much to everyone who turned up! I couldn't help but be surprised at every member that turned up at the tube station. And on a dark, freezing cold Sunday morning as well! Bloody troopers, I tell ya!!

I also met the lovely girls behind the blog "Korean Class Massive" because they came to review our workshop. To see their blog post on the workshop click HERE, and to read their blog post on us LoKos, click HERE. I assure you it's worth a read!

The dances we taught in order were Super Junior's "Mr. Simple", Rania's "Dr Feel Good", 2NE1's "I Am The Best", Beast's "Fiction", U-Kiss "Neverland", f(x) "Hot Summer", T-ara's "Cry Cry", Girls' Generation "The Boys" and last but not least, Infinite's "Paradise". I taught Mr. Simple and Hot Summer.

After a thorough and much needed warm up (yeah, I know my warm up's are pretty military. And yes Tammy I'm sure you did do the warm up in the common room!! I know your game...) I started to teach Mr. Simple. Hmm - after watching a couple of videos I'm sure I taught the sides wrong. But it's okay guys!! The moves are the same, but if I taught you on the right then you just move to the left, and the left side just move to the right! Simple! Bwara Mr. Simple, Simple...

Yeah. Anyway. All of our students worked really hard through every set. As it was our biggest class yet in such a small room, it was definitely a challenge to teach everyone so we tried to rotate the lines as much as we could so everyone had a chance to see the teachers. It doesn't help when the teachers are small! But if our workshops are going to continue to be over 20 people then we need to find a bigger studio to accommodate everyone. Thanks for your support everyone!

With 9 dances to learn, it was probably our most exhausting workshop yet and as the day got dark very quickly it felt like we were there longer than the time we actually were. But I really hope everyone had fun and I hope to see some of your faces at our future workshops!! When one ends, another one gets planned ... we're already trying to figure out a good date!

Here are some pictures and a video. To view more, please check out Korean Class Massive's blog.

Thanks again everyone! Have a good Christmas and have a brilliant New Year! See you in 2012 ;-)

Caroline and the LoKos xo


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