Sunday, 31 July 2011

Dok2 Concert with KPOP Team

A team of people in the UK, called the KPOP Team, are a dedicated team of people who try to bring KPop fans together so they can enjoy KPop music, they throw competitions, and recently they held the UK's first open Korean concert, featuring Dok2.

Dok2 is a Korean hip hop and rap artist and also produced a few songs too, even collaborated with the likes of Jay Park. As I had a meet and greet ticket, I was lucky enough to meet the man himself.

I befriended a couple of excited fans who were very friendly and very excited about the evening. As we climbed the stairs to the room where Dok2 was mingling with other fans, one of the fans I was with got cold feet and started retreating! I literally had to pull her up the stairs and shove her into the crowd! Bless her, she was really nervous, but at the same time you only get one chance so make it count!

The atmosphere was really relaxed and mellow. There was no pushing or shoving, no screaming or shouting, just fans meeting Dok2 one at a time, having a photo and an autograph, and then letting someone else have their turn. It was a great meet and greet as it goes, in terms of behaviour.

Finally it was my chance, and I have to say I was very surprised at his height. He is actually rather short, not much taller than me at all and I am only 5 foot! He was very polite and also seemed very sweet too, dare I say even a bit shy; you imagine rappers and hip hop artists to be outgoing and generally quite "gangsta" but he seemed to be rather reserved. I kind of just wanted to pinch his cheeks (I must stress that this didn't actually happen...)
The KPop Team had printed off a number of Dok2 pictures which they gave the fans so we could get it signed, which was very kind of them. As I had a friend who is a big fan of Dok2, I asked him to sign it for her - which he did - and he also signed my E-Ticket for me! (He spelt my name wrong, called me Carolina instead of Caroline, but I'll let him off!)

 The meet and greet video:

So the concert started shortly after with lots of support acts first. There really wasn't that many people at all to start off with, and my friends and I were worried that not many people would show up when Dok2 eventually performs. However, as the entertainment went on, the Coronet Theatre began to fill a bit more so by the time Dok2 came on stage he had more of an audience to perform to, thankfully!

I'm really not that much of a fan when it comes to rap/hip hop music, I have to be honest. However, I have to say I did enjoy my night out and I did really enjoy Dok2's performance. The crowd were loving it, waving their hands up in the air and despite Dok2's earlier shy meeting, he was confident on stage and really got the crowd going! So kudos to him, I was really pleased that the night was a success.

Some of Dok2's performances:

A massive well done to the KPop Team for organising this event! I look forward to going to more in the future!

My friends at the Dok2 concert with him on stage!

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