Saturday, 16 January 2010

My first Animé Convention - How To Draw Manga - Basics

There was an Animé Convention held at Southend Library today and it was their first one. I have never been to one of these before and have always longed to, so once I found out I finally had the opportunity I jumped at the chance.

The library held a variety of activities, such as an Art Workshop, Basic Japanese Language, How To Make Sushi, Film Screenings, Cosplay Competition etc. As you all know, I love art, so I took the Art Class!

My teacher was a professional Manga artist who went by the name of "Nana Li" (I assume she's Chinese) and she's a freelance illustrator who has a degree in Bio Engineering. I kid you not.
She's a very talented artist who has drawn for Shakespeare Manga "Twelfth Night" plus other things, and if you're into Art or feel the need to get in touch with her, this is her website, blogspot page and Twitter:

I recorded practically the entire class for all you budding artists out there. You'll have to turn the volume right up to hear her though, I'm afraid.

As you will see in one of the videos, Nana asked me about DragonballZ characters and asked me to draw their sort of hairstyles on the board. I decided to draw Vegeta's hair since it's the easiest, as it's basically tall and spikey. She then asked me to draw Goku's which is a tad more complicated...but anyway. She basically said that this sort of hairstyle was an exception in Animé, as in most Animé's the hairstyles are more normal, i.e. not defying gravity, and that "DragonballZ type hair" is not what we would be studying. Haha!

Towards the end of the session, Nana Li held a competition. You had to draw a character that was a Ninja, but had to incorporate another theme to it, such as Vampire Ninja, School Girl Ninja etc. She said the winner would be based on creativity and originality, NOT technically.

Drawing with a dodgy pencil and no rubber is pretty difficult, I'll admit, but I somehow managed to draw a School Girl Ninja. It really wasn't my best effort (er, at all) but we only had about 20 minutes and it was basically the best I could come up with. I mean, Ninja and School Girl?? Kay...
(Funny moment of the day: Calum was drawing his picture and was really concentrating on the face. Nana Li said we had 7 minutes to go and Calum was like "No!! I have to draw the body yet!! OMG!!")

I wrote annontations next to my drawing so Nana could see why I chose them and that I actually put thought into it (although my notes are quite lame. Funny, but lame.)



Anyway, we handed our pieces in and we waited anxiously as Nana judged them. There were to be five winners and the five lucky ones would win one of her Artworks. I honestly thought (and still do) that my drawing was a bit poo and never expected to get called out, so when I did I was pretty amazed and was like "No way - REALLY?"

This is the Artwork I chose:


And this is one of the demonstrations Nana drew in class:


And these are some other drawing's Nana has done:



Honestly...CHECK HER OUT!


Ravenstalk said...

I love your schoolgirl ninja - she has just a touch of teenage "attitude" about her :-)

You are really talented at drawing :-)

CazStacey said...

LOL!! Thank you - I'm glad you like it xD

Wendi said...

Your drawing is really good - I have seen some of this stuff as my nephew has given me various anime drawings over the years. I watched the videos and tried - but pathetic would just about cover it LOL
Well done for winning!! :-)


Betenik said...

YAY!! Go you honeybun :> I love your ninja school girl, the face is wicked x

CazStacey said...

lol thanks girlies x

Anonymous said...

What an amazing talent to draw. I love it! it's really very interesting.
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CazStacey said...

Thanks Crisdann!