Monday, 25 January 2010


Being a fan of Britney (don't mess!) I regularly read the fansite "Breatheheavy" which is run by Jordan Miller.
Sometimes he will post some paparazzi videos and usually I don't watch them because the content isn't normal and it disturbs me. However, this time I watched one of the videos and I was...well, disturbed.

It's a video of Britney, Jason and her two sons coming out of a movie theatre and a crowd of photographers were there to greet them. Britney held her son Jayden and he - the boy of about 2 years old - repeatedly told the photographers to "stop". That says a lot. The environment he lives in isn't normal.

The photographer kept asking questions, like "Do you think Jason is a good dad?", "How does it feel to have Jason take you to a movie?", "How's your day going, Britney?"
What stupid and innappropriate questions. It's their job, I know, but it's a disgusting job. And listen to the tone of his voice - he doesn't care about Britney, he sounds completely bored and you know he's only doing it for the money. And then he starts complaining to the bodyguards (or whoever they are) telling them to "calm down, you got kids right here."
Hello? You're impeding in their lives unnecessarily! They are kids and they need to be protected. Britney is just being a mother. This does not need to be photographed or videoed. She's being normal with her kids so leave her alone!


Listen to the kid.

I know the paprazzi win if I post the video, because obviously all they want are views and reactions, but I want to give my readers a choice. Watch it if you want, you don't have to, but watching it did leave a sour taste in my mouth and it is quite saddening that this has become "normal" and "a reality" for Britney Spears and those around her. Who blames her for going crazy when her life has practically been sold?


Wendi said...

I think this kind of harassment should be illegal. Id she is doing a red carpet event etc fair enough - but to harass her when she is out with her children is a step too far. What on earth must the children think of "real life" - their real life, not ours!! That lassie has struggled through some terrible times - and if they keep pushing she will end up back there!! Be responsible adults with a brain - and leave them alone!!!

CazStacey said...

Couldn't agree me Wendi. Public appearances are different, but a private outing should be private. It's awful and I also think it should be illegal.

Ravenstalk said...

I hate this sort of thing - It's one thing for an adult to be in the spotlight - they have a choice, and understand what is going on. But the children deserve to be left alone. It's outrageous to ask the child personal questions too.

I'm fed up of the excuses made by these paparazzi for this sort of thing. There is no excuse for pestering and upsetting a child in that way. Ever.

I hate it when they get in front of the cars too - they are creating a hazard and risking themselves, but are very quick to claim their day in court if they get hurt.


CazStacey said...

EXACTLY. A few years ago Britney was being hounded (another normal day for her) and she was in the car and everyone surrounded her. Flashing lights, being crowded, you can't see a thing. She went to drive off and ran over a photographer's foot...well, it's his fault. She's in the car, you know she's gonna be driving, you risk your own health and safety, yet he took her to court and everything. Fucking ridiculous. He deserved it in my opinion xD