Monday, 9 November 2009

Loituma - Ievan Polka and Ready Brek

I've been listening to this Finnish song for over a year now. I first heard it when I saw this famous Animé Animation called "Spinning Leak". I'm sure there are several people who have heard of it. A bit more YouTubing and I found the original song from the original group.

They're not exactly your typical looking band, but you can't deny the talent they have (see second video). The song itself is very catchy and has a great, humerous video to go with it.

The song itself is about a mother's daughter going out and getting with a guy. To view the Finnish lyrics and the English translation, click here:
Going by the lyrics, it does sound more like an old folk's poem which is what I like about it, because it's a different song to what's out there.
The chorus isn't actually Finnish, it's just a load of gibberish (the "ya tata, ya dibbi dabbadilla, badaroompa badaroompa, dilli dadoh...etcetc...) and that's why you won't find it on the lyrics page, so don't get confused like I did!

This is the acapella version which is just as amazing (and a bit different from the video version).

I was at work and just cleaning out a screen (I work at a cinema), but it took a long time and the adverts had already started. I was just about to walk out when I heard the Ready Brek advert:

I stopped and had my mouth open! I couldn't believe it. I heard the advert earlier this year but having known the song for a year, I was pretty stunned to hear a Finnish song on a British advert. But most of all I felt pretty proud for knowing it and where it originally came from. I was telling my workfriend about it but I don't think they paid that much attention, nor did they really care or probably understand.

Oh well. I was happy.


Wendi said...

That is so weird - I was listening to the video, and watching it - and I KNEW I had heard it, or something like it - then when I scrolled down there it was Ready Brek!!!! lol

Serena-Rose said...

LOL see? A bit of culture knowledge right there for ya. xD

Alex Vantyghem said...

Was i the ignorant colleague by any chance? lol :D

Serena-Rose said...

Alex, I don't think it was you lol. To be honest I can't actually remember WHO it was, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't you...sorry...but thanks for reading and commenting! x

NikJass said...

Thanks for Sharing Caz... interesting sound.

Serena-Rose said...

You're welcome Nik :-)