Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Falling into Sara Bareilles' Gravity

MIKA may be my inspiration, but Sara Bareilles is my soul. MIKA is the artist who has the energy and drive that I want, but Sara Bareilles writes songs that remind me who I am inside. MIKA has the emotion I want. Sara reminds me of the emotion I have.

It's a bit annoying really.

This time last year I was going through a particularly hard time and experiencing a really bad heartbreak, and it felt like my brain had been tied into knots. Thankfully I'm over it now, but it was one of the most terrible experiences of my life and the person I turned to was Sara.

It seemed that Sara had been through something similar to me, and she gave me words when I had none. Her song "Gravity" is just genius, simply because it's so human. It wasn't fabricated and just created to make words rhyme. The lyrics are so human and touching, it really does feel like she's just expressing her feelings in a raw, emotional way, and it helped give me more understanding about my emotions, because that song described exactly how I felt.

So I tried to find the official video on YouTube but unfortunately all the videos have disabled the embedding option, God damn them all because it's an amazing video. It's got this whole space theme to it made out of everyday objects like balloons, bikes, umbrella's etc. It's really inventive and creative, not to mention it's all done in one shot so it must have required tons of rehearsing. It's really pretty.

So for now you'll have to do with this video. It's just Sara by the piano, but you can see just how "In The Zone" she really is.

Whilst being on Twitter I was going through Sara's tweets, when I saw that she tweeted about the song "Gravity" being on the US show "So You Think You Can Dance?"
Having seen a couple of episodes on TV, I was pretty excited and YouTubed it straight away.

I watched the dance and was stunned. The topic was about addiction, and I think it's really clever how the song can be interpretated in different ways: Love or Drugs. Either can be an addiction, and both can be bad for you. (Drugs certainly are...)
I love how strong and menacing Kupono is and I love how Kayla portrays her weakness and despair. Kupono is so controlling over her and I love how they constantly fight: the ways he throws her around and treats her like a puppet. The entire dance is strong, but there are moments that really jump out at you.

For example, the bit where Kupono holds Kayla's leg up in the air and she's doing a backbend. It's like she's so weak she's letting him devour her, the way he rubs his face all the way up her leg, and then afterwards when he's placing his hands all over her and she's throwing them away, trying to get away from him.
The song then goes into it's climax and it's the part of the song where they really fight against each other - they way he picks her up and she's kicking her legs like she's in deep water and struggling to swim.
And the most powerful bit of all where Kupono grabs her arm. He's in such a strong stance, with an evil glare on his face and Kayla looking like she's close to tears, trying to free herself from his grasp.

It's just such a powerful dance that makes a powerful statement. And it's not just a dance. It has a story to it, it has emotion. The man at the end says that he felt like he didn't just watch a dance, but he felt like he had an experience.

I couldn't have put it better.


Wendi said...

I had never heard that track before - but watching the dance and listening to it, well, it made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up!! If this song reminds you of a difficult time then I guess it has a really special place in your heart - thank you for sharing it :-) xox

Serena-Rose said...

I know, right? I always get chills listening to this song and watching that dance. I think it's very powerful. Thank you for always reading my blogs x x x

Wendi said...

I love your style of writing - and even if it is something I know nothing about, I always come away feeling I have learned something new :-) xx

Serena-Rose said...

That's a brilliant compliment - thanks Wendi! That's precisely what I want from my blog :-)