Sunday, 22 November 2009

"Eat sh*t and DIE!"

Okay, so a while back I had a miniature crush on Orlando Bloom (it lasted about 2 weeks max) and I ended up YouTubing him. Now, Orlando Bloom plus Graham Norton equals WIN. I think Graham Norton is absolutely hilarious, so I knew that this video would be worth watching, and boy is it! It doesn't matter how many times I watch it, I still laugh.

You laugh, because it's funny, but if you took two steps back to study these people's behaviour you have to question about the mentality of some people. There are fans, and then there are deluded people. So maybe Orlando DID buy that girl a Cocktail, but for someone to say "I know I'm gonna get him!" is just going way too far.
So perhaps they were joking, but there are people out there who are really like that and it's very concerning. People need to know the difference between fantasy and reality.

This is why it bothers me when people call me an Obsessive Mika Fan. What the Hell? Compared to these, good Lord no! I treat Mika with utmost respect and in real life I barely mention him at all. I certainly wouldn't go around pretending to be his girl because I think I know what his favourite vegetable is. It's ridiculous.

And we do joke on the Mika Fan Club. A lot. But we're not deluded, we know we're horsing around. Unfortunately the video above seems to be quite genuine, and I hope the girls on that forum feel embarrassed because the entire nation was laughing AT them. Stupid girls, indeed.

Funny though, there are some classic quotes from there and Graham Norton makes hilarious impressions. And Orlando really took it on the chin.


Wendi said...

I like having someone to watch grow, and to see at gigs whenever I am able - but I think when folk start thinking they really ARE in with a chance, or that their "idol" cares about them beyond thanking them for appearing at gigs etc - then that is when reality needs to step in. At 15 I "loved" the Bay City Rollers, but had no notion that I would end up marrying one of them!!! Graham made it really funny, but it must be a worry underneath for some of these big start!!!

Serena-Rose said...

Exactly Wendi. I have seen Mika grow as an artist as I have been a supporter since the beginning, and I've done so much for Mika plus I've met him several times now, so he probably does recognise me and I *do* feel like I know him, and not just as an artist. Obviously I don't know him *that* personally, nor is he a friend, but I know he is comfortable around me and other MFCers enough to joke around with us, touch us (appropriately) and spend time with us. I genuinely think we are liked by him, and not just as fans, but as people too.

However I'm not deluded to the point where I think I'll have my babies with him. Fantasies are nice, but that's all they are, and living in your head is a very dangerous place to be.

Nikjass said...

Nice one. LOL!! Sadly, ppl like that exist. I'm sure there are Mika fans like that too, maybe even on MFC, but they're not showing it... don't know about delusional, but I notice some ppl can get very defensive over Mika and others like to have one over the other.. although many don't compete, but some ppl do get selfish when it comes to Mika in flesh and would neglect fellow MFCers in the process.. I've seen it happen. I guess it's natural. But generally MFCers aren't nasty ppl.

CazStacey said...

I completely agree and understand Nik. Some people are way too possessive and obsessive over people they don't even know.