Sunday, 18 September 2011

Arirang UCC My K-Pop! 2 Cover Dance Contest & KBS Interview!

Hello everyone!!

I am actually behind on my blog posts...I have to write up what happened on the Kpop Dance Workshop but I promise that will be up soon!!

Anyway, my friend and fellow K-Pop Dance Teacher Tammy and I decided to enter in the Arirang Contest. It was a lot of fun to do but also included tons of hardwork, and if I didn't hear this song again for a long time I think I'd be very happy!! Don't get me wrong, I LOVE TVXQ and the song, but I've just heard it way too many times now...!

We decided to do "Keep Your Head Down" because it's funky, masculine, and as we rightly discovered, a dance that not many people would choose to do so thought it would help us stand out a bit more! Because I live in Essex and Tammy lives in London, and because of work and everything else, we only had 3 days to learn the dance itself. 3 days. And then we shot the video!

My friend Alex Morris studied film at University so asked him to film it for us on his super nice camera, and my friend Martin (yep, the guy that got me the job on the MBC Auditions: Series 2) came and helped us as well by driving us to Essex and supplied a bit of lighting for us.

The locations we chose to film in were East London and Southend, Essex. We nearly got mugged and frost bite on our toes due to the cold water but it was a good, fun day overall!! We decided to have dirty, grimy surroundings because we thought it went well with the music and made it look tough, just like the lyrics are (although we clearly weren't tough when running away from the hooded muggers lol!) We spent a whole 12 hours shooting the video.

Editing was a complete nightmare because we wanted to edit it in iMovie, so I used my friend's Mac laptop. In a Currys store. Because that's where he works. And also where his Apple Mac was. Bit odd and embarrassing! We were there all day editing it, and then I had to go back the next day to transfer the files onto an external hardrive so I could take it home and upload it onto YouTube because the store had limited internet access...except the external hardrive was only windows formatted so we had an absolutely traumatising time trying to partial it so it was half Mac and half Windows, except it decided it just didn't want to work so had put all the files (including all the "behind the scenes" stuff) onto discs. 7 of them to be precise. It took a very long time and made me want to cry.

But that wasn't all! Oh no!! We soon realised we made a boo-boo because at the beginning you're supposed to say a slogan before your video starts. We had decorated pieces of paper that said the slogan but we physically didn't say it ourselves! *serious facepalm* Thankfully I was seeing Martin who had a Mac, so we downloaded the video from YouTube and used iMovie to dub the voice on top. PHEW!!!!

Some pictures...

Southend Central carpark

Tammy and I looking very moody in East London! Maybe it was because of the smell of wee and a used condom nearby?? Classy!!

Southend beach

Before the "mugging"...

Tammy and I looking very unamused...

Southend carpark

On Southend beach with Martin

Peace to Arirang and Korea!!

Dancing in the "forest"

Keep Your Head Down!

Thank you so much to everyone's hardwork and for everyone's support and patience!! Our video is right here...please "like" our video, comment on it and share with your friends!! Thank you!!

Tammy and I are also featured in an interview with KBS about the popularity of K-Pop in the UK. Our friends came too! It was a lot of fun to film and many thanks to KPop In The UK for advertising the chance to be interviewed. Please watch it HERE, we are featured from 6:14 onwards! (No idea why it's not embedding so a link will have to do!)

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