Monday, 22 August 2011

End of Summer KPop Dance Workshop

Tired of trying to learn your favourite idol’s dance routine by watching the music videos a million times? Finding it hard to follow tutorial videos? You can’t find a decent mirrored, slowed down, hd videos to follow?

Inject the end of the summer holiday with a last minute dose of Kpop and attend the end of summer Kpop Dance workshop!


London School of Capoeira Herança
Unit 1 and 2 Leeds Place
Tollington Park
London N4 3RF

Monday 5th September 

10:00am – 5:00pm

The Kpop Dance workshop

3 people will teach their favourite kpop dance set step by step in 3 slots during the day. There will be an hour lunch break in between and a recap of all the dances at the end.

Open to all levels. (It’s Kpop, it’s universal!)

As this is the first workshop we want to have a good mix of dances - beginners, to intemediate to difficult.


Miss A – Taught by Jem Redah
(teaches Kpop dance classes at her college)

DBSK – Taught by Caroline Stacey  

(18 years dance experience)

Shinee – Taught by Tammy Jane M.
(a simple Kpop lover or addict - as others might say haha!)

The cost of the one day workshop is £20.

A normal drop in dance class averages at £10 per hour.
Our Kpop workshop is £20 = £2.85 per hour for our 7 hour workshop. Bargain! 

This workshop is limited due to the studio space, so it will be a first come first serve basis. ***IF YOU CLICK ATTEND PLEASE WRITE ON THE EVENT WALL so we can monitor who the “first” attendees are***
We will confirm the attendees with an inbox message.

This particular workshop is ONLY open to GIRLS. This is due to religious reasons with one of our teachers.
Apologies for this, future workshops will be open to everyone. 

**Clothing and other items**
I shouldn't really have to say this, but PLEASE wear appropriate clothing!! Although this workshop is meant for fun, we're going to make you work as well to bring out your inner potential! So please avoid wearing sleeves (unless they're baggy), wear comfortable bottoms (jogging bottoms, 3 quarter lengths, leggings etc are acceptable. DO NOT wear jeans! Whatever you do, do NOT wear jeans!) When in doubt, wear what you would wear to the gym! For those with larger breasts (hey, it has to be said) please wear a bra that supports you and/or a crop top to hold you in. Nothing worse than sore boobs!!! I (Caroline) have to deal with it when I exercise so just passing on the message lol.
Please also AVOID wearing trainers in the studio. Not only does it hinder your performance ability due to the rubber soles rubbing on the floor (IMO, personally) but they can also leave marks on the floor and we DON'T want that!! These studios have to left in PRISTINE condition when we finish and I don't think they'll like walking in to see black marks on their floors! Also AVOID dancing in socks. This can lead to slipping and causing an injury! So please dance in BARE FEET. Anyone with verruca's is required to wear a plaster. If anyone happens to have any dance shoes (i.e. ballet shoes - as in proper ballet shoes, not the "fashion" kind - or jazz shoes) then you are welcome to wear those.
Please, please, PLEASE bring lots of water with you. Again, we aim to not only teach you how to do the steps, but how to do the dance properly so you need to consume lots of water to keep you hydrated. Please avoid sugary/fizzy/easily stainable drinks. We cannot provide food so please bring your own or bring money to buy some!
Please also bring deodorant! Obvious reasons as to why this is lol...

**Future Workshops** Ideally, we would like to run more classes during the school breaks (as this one was last minute). If anyone cannot attend this one, don’t worry, we are planning to organise more! Also, if there are dances you would like to learn leave comments below.

!!!Teachers!!! Anyone who would like to teach their favourite Kpop dance in future classes, please inbox message (Tammy Jane) with the dance/s you know or would like to teach. You DO NOT have to be a professional dancer or dance teacher if you would like to participate as a teacher. 



Anonymous said...

awww....the date is too close to the beginning of school :( Can you hold the next one in the holidays please?

CazStacey said...

Hello!! Can I ask how you found this blog post please? I'm always curious to know where my readers find my stuff!

We're aiming to try and get a class in whenever there's a school holiday, so hopefully you can come to the next one (providing that this one is a success!)


Anonymous said...

I was curious so I just googled 'kpop dance class london' Got a little fed up of watching tutorials :/

Well, good luck for the upcoming class :)

CazStacey said...

Oh excellent! I'm really pleased my site actually came up! And least it's easily searchable. Whenever there's a school holiday coming up, keep checking my blog!!

You can also add me on Twitter to keep up with any upcoming KPop Events

CazStacey said...

Hi, we have a new workshop on October 22nd! Please check my latest blog for more details. x