Monday, 10 May 2010

Sara Bareilles is back!

Please excuse me while I fangurl for a second...


Okay, I'm done.

A lot of my friends saw Sara Bareilles in the USA in 2008 because she was a support act for Mika. I didn't really take much notice until I heard "Love Song" for the first time on TV. I was instantly hooked with her catchy pop melody and YouTubed her straight away.

She's definitely not your normal pop artist. In fact, when I placed her CD into my disc drive and ripped her songs in iTunes, the genre said she was "Folk". Her lyrics aren't about the celebrity life and sex for fun and getting drunk and siree. Sara has class. Her music is also rather acoustic and I find her refreshing. Regrettably I never saw her live because I never travelled on my own back then, but when she flies back to the UK I'll definitely buy tickets to see her.

Despite having no formal training, I absolutely adore her voice and she's definitely got a range...girl can go quite high! Wikipedia says that she has a vocal range that registers from contralto (the deepest female classical singing voice) to mezzo-soprano (meaning "medium" or "middle" "soprano" in Italian)

Don't know of Sara Bareilles? She burst onto the scene with her debut single "Love Song" from her album "Little Voice":

Unfortunately there's no music video for her brand new single "King of Anything", her first single off her Sophomore album "Kaleidoscope Heart", but luckily there is an exclusive listen if you click this link here:


I miss songs like these...silly mainstream, computerised, R'n'B music!

Sara Bareilles has also made a video about the creation of her second album, which you can see right here:

Please check her out, her music is so captivating in my opinion.


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