Thursday, 22 April 2010

Let there be light! ...Please?

I thought it would be a good idea to just show you pictures of my hand-written blog, but you know what? I didn't exactly find it 100% easy to read my own handwriting let alone anyone else trying to decipher what I had written, so that's why it's typed plus PLUS pictures. Just in case you were thinking "What The Hell?" at the end of my blog. 'K.

"Dear readers,

Please excuse the nature of this blog. We have had no power since 2:30am and it is now currently 16:39 as I write this.

As soon as you get a power cut you start to realise how much you rely on electricity. My mum went to work without her morning coffee, my dad had to go to work without his computer fix, my sistercouldn't do anything on eBay and I...well...I couldn't play The Sims. My sister and I were standing on the landing wandering up and down twiddling our thumbs like zombies looking for a brain. Everytime I thought of something to do I realised I couldn't as it involved electricity. Then I realised something that I could do - clean.

I won't lie, I'm pretty darn lazy when it comes to household chores. The thought of doing it without music or a film in the background made me groan, but it was either now or never.

I've actually been (slowly) emptying my room bit by bit for a few months now, but there was still loads to go. So, I started off with the massive bag under my bed which contained lots of paperwork from college and in the bin it went. I threw away bags I never used/use anymore, things that were way passed their use by date, old crap drawings, clothes that were too name it. Even a big massive bag just full of plastic bags. The junk in my room was (still is, kinda) enormous that I even took a picture of it. Now I have extra storage and stuff that used to be out on display are now tucked away.

I write to you now from my drawing desk, where I now actually have room. It's actually a spot in the room that used to be a built in wardrobe so it's a tad dark - since the lights won't work - but it's bearable.
After cleaning out my room I had absolutely naff all to do. The silence around me was ironically deafening and I felt like I was going nuts. I couldn't even hoover my room which was frsutrating because it really needs doing. The good thing about this powercut however is that not only has it made me do something that I kept putting off for months, but it made me realise why I don't take better care of my room. Because of the junk that surrounded EVERYTHING, I couldn't be bothered to move it, so dusting and hoovering was always behind schedule. Don't get me wrong, I do it, just not as often as I should. I won't lie and say I'm a Domestic Goddess because it's far from the truth. My mum is an absolute neat-freak who delights in making lists but I don't find cleaning fun at all. When my mum saw all the rubbish I brought down she said "Don't you feel happier or better now you've got rid of it?"
I paused to think of an answer. Did I feel better? To be honest, I felt nothing. To me it was just something that needed doing rather than be a challenge. Sure, having the space is nice, but I didn't get excited about it.

Are you the type of person to not do this because you claim "You're too busy"? Think again. Electricity causes so many distractions (TV and computer being the main culprits) that it makes you realise you have all the time in the world when your priveleges are taken away from you.

It is now 17:06, and I've been told the electricity won't come back on till 8pm at the latest.

Not only is electricity something we take for granted, but we also rely on it far too much. We can't cook, we can't heat or light the house, my sister was complaining that she couldn't use her hairdryer, and even though drawing doesn't necessarily require a computer, I can't even get to work on several projects because I am collaborating with people across the globe.

Hence why this blog is on paper. There is absolutely nothing else to do and I needed to do something to occupy my time. My sister spent hers going through her receipts. Today made me wonder how on Earth our past generations managed to survive without electricity. It's insane how people used to live years ago.

Perhaps not insane, they got by and they did the things they needed to do. They weren't as spoild as we are, and it makes you appreciate what we have."





Yeah, this really is all my rubbish. Every single bag, and there used to be more! Honestly, the amount of junk you can find is unbelieveable and I'm not even finished yet. It's Spring time now, and you know what that means people!





Wendi said...

Really enjoyed this blog Caz, and seeing you re-cycling your paper gave it the eco factor ;-) We get power cuts up here every winter, usually when we have strong winds or heavy snow. I enjoy the peace, and make toast over the flames in the fire, and use lots of candles. I totally agree - electricity does give us reasons not to do some things, always something to "entertain us" - but take it away and we have peace - I love that!! :-)
Well done for writing your blog - passed the time, and looks quite novel among all the typed ones :-D

CazStacey said...

Thank you Wendi! Yes I threw out so much paper! O.O Thought I might as well make some use of it LOL. So long as it's readable it's all good I guess :-) It definitely felt really old school!