Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Fans and Fanatics

I could talk till the cows come home about this topic...but I won't.

In fact, I am going to post two videos and I want you to watch them.

Video #1

Video #2

Can you tell the difference between Fans and Fanatics?



Anonymous said...

Very clearly! I feel so sane now!

Who's that little kid who shakes his head in an odd way and picks up his nose anyway?

Marianne of MFC

Anonymous said...

OMG. Those Justin Bieber fans are insane! Poor boy was a 'bit' shocked I guess!

Mika has some weird fans too, of course, but look at you and the other fans...everyone is like..:O and 'awww'...and 'Hello, I'm so glad I met you.' T think it's the best way of doing this. Because when you get home you can show a pic of you and Mika (if you are lucky). But at least you can tell everyone you chatted with him, you had eye contact, you got an autograph and he smiled at YOU. And the video is the proof.

Meanwhile all this crazy little monsters go home and post these photos to their FB, to Twitter, etc, that anyone could take. They tell everyone they saw the boy from 2 meters and they have nothing else. No real memories. They are like little annoying paparazzis, I don't think they really like this boy at's insane. They just want a piece of him.

If you love someone, if you love an artist, this reaction is not normal. But they are around 12-14,teenagers, from the dangerous type, while us Mika fans are a lot more mature and nicer. :]

CazStacey said...

Marianne - what kid? xD

Zsina - yes I totally get you, thanks for commenting :-)

Beryllium said...

Fans are people who truly know the meaning of appreciating the singer's music. And not all screams and nothing else. I'm a big fan of MIKA myself, and would love to get all my albums autographed by him(too bad he did not organise an autograph session in SG). MIKA fans can be crazy at times(thats me!:D), but we know where to draw the line. :)