Tuesday, 16 March 2010

We're not looking for where we belong; we are free!

I'm not entirely sure how to start off this new blog entry. Ideally I didn't want my next blog to be about Mika because the previous one was also about Mika...but I've had the flu for 2 weeks and was unable to update, so shoot me.

There's a movie coming out soon (a Marvel Comic one to be exact) called "Kick Ass". It's about a geeky boy to tries his hand at being a superhero, apparently produced by Brad Pitt according to Wikipedia and one of the writers is Jane Goldman, wife of Jonathon Ross (Wossy).

So where does MIKA come into it? Well, he sings the theme tune for this movie, also called "Kick Ass" even though the words cannot be heard in the song. The song itself was written by MIKA and Jodi Marr, and was produced by RedOne who has done many GaGa and Akon songs.

The song is basically We Are Golden version 2.0. Well, in my opinion at least. The messages are very similar...

WE ARE GOLDEN: Teenage dreams in a teenage circus/Running around like a clown on purpose/Who gives a damn about the family you come from?/No giving up when you're young and you want some.
KICK ASS: We are young!/We are strong!/We're not looking for where we belong!/We're not cool!/We are free!/And we're running with blood on our knees!

Both are big sounding songs but in a different way. We Are Golden uses real instruments whereas Kick Ass sounds more computerised (minus the piano bit after the first chorus), especially vocally. Both songs even start off in a similar way, bashing out the chorus with no warning.

However, even though Kick Ass still holds a Mika stamp on it, you can't deny that it's more commercial and will appeal to the general public more, and I think that's because of RedOne producing it.

This is no disrespect to longtime producer Greg Wells, however. Greg Wells has worked with Mika since the beginning and has produced some of my favourite Mika tracks, but when it comes to success it's unfortunately a bit shortlived. Everyone knows who RedOne is (thanks to name shout out in almost every song he does, though thankfully this doesn't happen in Kick Ass) so hopefully this will get radios playing the song, music channels playing the videos, adverts in papers.

Promotion is something Mika tends to lack but with such a famous producer behind it all, hopefully this will change and because the film will be in America, perhaps he'll start getting more popular in the States.

It took me a couple of listens to really get into this song, but the reception as a whole has been mind-blowingly supportive. Everyone has reacted to this song in a much bigger way than when We Are Golden came out, so hopefully it will be a big hit. Everyone is posting the lyrics everywhere and won't stop talking about it, so I thought I'd help and spread the word.

The video itself is strong in the beginning...but the ending is weak. It kinda ruins the build up and "together-ness" of the song and it should have been more energetic, but hey. It's done.

And here's the song! Hope you enjoy it!

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SoaringSimpson said...

Kick Ass looks to be such a cool movie that just being associated with it has got to up Mika's credibility, particularly in the States. And people will keep viewing the vid for the trailers. Hopefully then they'll look at his other stuff and realise he's got a unique coolness that doesn't depend on having the latest hot producer