Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Essex Talent

Last week sometime I was on my way to work - another boring, dull predicatble day at work - but as I made my way to the top of Southend highstreet towards the cinema I heard a really amazing, strong, adult sounding male voice.
And that's not it, folks - the guy was singing "I Can Go The Distance" (The Michael Bolton version, I might add) - the classic song from one of my all-time favourite Disney movies "Hercules".

I quite simply had to check it out and was rather surprised that this brilliant voice was coming from a young boy round about the age of 14, or so it seemed. Luckily I could spare a few minutes before I started work, so I filmed him (it's camera phone quality, sorry guys, but the audio is pretty decent).

Unfortunately it's not someone I could oggle over, but the teenage girls seemed to love him. A cute boy of 14 with a brilliant singing voice? I don't blame 'em to be honest. Why, if I were their age again I'd probably be screaming like they were too.

Oh well, back to drooling over Mika again, it is!

Have a listen and be marvelled. He has a great vibrato.


Nikjass said...

You're full of energy and talent. I can see you going far in life. Just remember, things don't just happen, you've got to make it happen :) Good luck, dear.

CazStacey said...

He's good isn't he :-)