Thursday, 3 December 2009

Being Fed Rubbish

I was reading through The Sun newspaper today and came across quite a disturbing article.

However, before I get on to that, does everyone (in the UK, at least) agree that the Government are always banging on about people eating healthy food? Supermarkets promoting healthy food? I think that's pretty spot on. Cake = bad, vegetables = good.
This information gets shoved down our throats daily, right?

Okay, so there's this couple in the newspaper and they have a young son that was about 2Ibs underweight, so they took him to the hospital (or the doctors) to see how he could gain weight, and they told the mother to feed her son "crisps, chocolate and cake."

What the hell? Is this not what children are supposed to avoid?

This is exactly what went through the mum's mind. She's part of a healthy family and refused to feed her son junk food, and so the social workers took him away and claimed he was being neglected!

Excuse my language, but how fucked up is that? They said they should feed him these kinds of food just so he could gain more calories and warned the mother that she could have her rights taken away from her if she took legal action! It's quite frankly the most absurd thing I have ever heard!

Luckily she has her son back now, but because he's had junk food he doesn't want healthy food anymore! Everyone knows junk food is addictive!

What were they playing at?!

I agree that chocolate and cakes are okay once in a while, it's not something I would deprive my future children of, but it's not something I'd feed them everyday and so I think the family were doing okay to be honest. No-one really needs crisps, chocolate and cake in their daily intake of food and to have these people say "junk food is bad" and then shove it down some child's throat is just outrageous and hypocritical!

This is the original article.


For goodness sake.


Anonymous said...

I'm inclined to agree with you Caz. I wouldn't have taken that advice either.

If the child was otherwise well and happy they should have just kept an eye on him - kids grow at different rates - variety is normal!

I'm sure there were more serious and difficult abuse cases for the authorities to be dealing with. Sometimes I think they go for the easy targets.

xx Naectegale

Serena-Rose said...

I agree, and thank you for reading and commenting x

Wendi said...

They force feed some poor child junk food to put on a few pounds - and in another county they are taking children away from parents because they are obese!!! No continuity at all!! Children are being beaten and tortured to death - why the hell can't they all sing from the same hymn sheet and get it bloody right!!!!

Serena-Rose said...

couldn't agree more Wendi!