Sunday, 25 September 2011

London KPop Dance Workshop - October Dates!

Hello everyone, the London KPop Dance Workshop is at it again; we've added TWO new fabulous workshop dates!

Our second and third workshop will be held in the same place as last time, Finsbury Park, and at exactly the same time. Girls and boys are welcome on October 22nd, but it's strictly girls only on October 28th!

The theme for the first workshop is Boybands so everyone will be learning 3 boyband routines! These are as follows:

TVXQ - Before U Go

Beast - Shock

Infinite - Come Back Again

Feel like it's your thing? Excellent! Our workshop will be held on Saturday, October 22nd 2011.

If you wish to know more information (such as what to come in, what to bring, costs etc), please go to the Official Facebook Event Page. Please click "attending" if you are actually going to attend, and as there are limited spaces please write on the wall so we know what order people have said they're attending in!

The theme for the second workship is Girlbands so you're all going to be learning girlband routines! These are as follows:

Miss A - Breathe

T-ara - I Go Crazy Because of You

After School - Bang!

The event page for this workshop is RIGHT HERE. The date for this is Saturday, October 28th 2011. Same rules apply.

Thanks everyone, hope to see you there!

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