Monday, 16 May 2011

Sam Beeton @ The Regal Room

A few of my friends from Canada came over to London for a short break and it was suggested by another friend that we go see a musician named Sam Beeton. I had never seen him live before or even really knew his songs so was excited to have a night out with friends and listen to some good music.

It was a really intimate setting and we had a table really close to the stage, so we had a fantastic view. I recommend seeing a musician at the Regal Room because not only do you get that "private" feel, but the sound is really good and the audience were silent throughout everyone's performances which really heightened the experience. There is nothing more annoying than trying to listen to someone sing with loads of chatterboxes in the background!

Sam had already met a couple of my friends that live in the UK, so it was great of him to come over and have a chat with us and meet his new Canadian fans. He's a super friendly guy with a great sense of humour who just oozed charm and charisma. We had a group picture with him and he also posed with our mascot! (Please don't ask about the mascot, I'm not really sure if anyone knows what it really represents...!)

Sam's set was simply gorgeous and stunning. Despite troubles with the first song (I'm completely musicially incompetent, so as much as I would like to sound smart and say what went wrong, I don't really know how to explain it to be honest...) Sam carried on like a trouper and sang it completely acoustically. Between his songs Sam used his charisma, charm and humour to get the audience laughing and the atmosphere was just really relaxed.

I recorded all of his songs which you can see here:

Good Natured Child

What You Look For

Rain Down On You



She's Not In Love

I particularly love the last song as Sam used his talent and humour to change the words and direct his song towards his Canadian fanbase! It had everyone in the room giggling.

After the gig had finished, my friends and I stayed in the room and had a nice long chat with Sam, his friend Patrick and another musician called Zarif. Her set was also absolutely stunning, complete with catchy, poppy tunes and a fantastic voice with great stage presence. Both Sam and Zarif were once signed on the same label but it was this night that they first met, which was quite cool. So, we managed to talk to Zarif too and we've all become a fan! Sam and Zarif sang a little duet just for us, which you can listen to right here (it was dark so you can't really see anything):

After that it was just more talking and we didn't leave till about midnight! It was a fantastic night with great company and great music. Many thanks to both Sam and Zarif for spending so much time with us and entertaining us throughout the night!

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