Tuesday, 7 September 2010

America VS Korea

Okay, so I'm steadily getting into Korean Music and came across this girlband called Girl's Generation. They have a really catchy song called "Run Devil Run" and I recently discovered that an American artist covered the song...that artist being Ke$ha.

Before some of you exclaim "Oh noes! Not Ke$ha!", she didn't do that badly a job. I know some of you may question her vocal ability (as seen in this hilarious parody here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YXb0JyGxsmk) and yes she still has auto-tone in this cover, but the question is...what one do you think is better?

No doubt I am going to go with Girl's Generation but the other thing is that do you think this helps promote foreign music or do you think that people might just go "Huh. Ke$ha sings Run Devil Run. It's a cool song. Now what other cool songs are there?" and then move on to the next thing?

This reminds me of another blog I did months ago where I watched that Ready Brek advert and it had the same tune as Ievan Polka, the Finnish song...

Anyway. This is the Girl's Generation version:

This is Ke$ha's version:

Oh, and it's been a year since I went to the Pub with Mika. Happy Anniversary!


Ashley Morrison said...

Obviously SNSD's (Girls Generation) version is a whole lot better!!! And it's not because I love them and can't stand Ke$ha. It's because they sing it better for one (it doesn't sound right with one girl singing this song...let alone a girl that can't sing!) And SNSD's lyrics are something I would rather listen too!

CazStacey said...

Hello Ashley, actually had no idea you were a K-Pop fan!

Ashley Morrison said...

Hello :) Yeah I love K-Pop and J-Pop! I probably don't know of as any singers/bands, but I'm always looking for new music!